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Are  A.T.V.'s allowed on City Streets?

Yes. ATV's are generally allowed if they are properly registered in the State of Minnesota, are operated by a person over the age of 16 years old, used for limited transportation such as the closest route in and out of town, and if operated in compliance with the State Law. Operation is prohibited on County and State roads. This includes those portions of their roadways within the City limits.​

Can a person over 21 years of age ​​legally drink alcoholic beverages in their yard?

Yes, but City Ordinance prohibits a person from consuming alcoholic beverages on sidewalks, streets and alleys. The only exception would be within a designated boundary with City Council permission, such as the beer gardens at Potato Days, etc.​​

Can Semi-trucks and trailers be parked in the residential area of town?

No. The only exception would be for deliveries, moving companies and winter parking of the tractor unit in a private driveway for plug-in availability. Large trucks also fit the definition in the City Ordinance language. A designated truck parking area is located along Front Street South by the Old Railroad Depot.​​​​

Are motorized boats allowed on Blue Eagle Lake?

No. Watercraft without a motor is generally allowed.​​

How close can a person park by a mailbox?

No vehicles shall park within 8 feet of any residential mailbox between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on any day except Sunday.

Can a Police Officer stop you for not wearing a seatbelt?

Yes. Minnesota has a primary seat belt law and you can be stopped if an officer observes a violation.​​

Until what age does a child have to continue using a safety seat?

Children under the age of 4 must be secured in a safety seat that meets federal safety standards. Infants under 20 lbs. must be in  rear-facing ​​ safety seats.

Is there a curfew in Barnesville for youth?
Yes.  Curfew for kids under 16 is from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. A curfew is for the safety of the young people of our community. There are certain exceptions that do apply. For more information, contact our Department at 218- 354-2281.

What is the fine for a speeding ticket?

$125.00 -  1 - 10 mph over the speed limit
$135.00 - 11 - 14 mph over the speed limit
$145.00 - 15 - 19 mph over the speed limit
$225.00 - 20 - 25 mph over the speed limit
$285.00 - 26 - 30 mph over the speed limit
$385.00 - 31 mph over the speed limit and above.

If I am moving to Minnesota from another state, how long do I have to register my vehicle?

If you are a new resident to the State of Minnesota, you are given 60 days to properly register your vehicle in Minnesota.

If I have changed my address or my name, how long do I have to get my driver's license changed?

If you change your address or your name, you are required to obtain a new driver's license within 30 days.

Do I need two license plates on my vehicle?

Yes. Minnesota State Statute states that any vehicle registered within the State of Minnesota must display, and have affixed, two license plates. The vehicle must display one license plate to the front of the vehicle, and one license plate to the rear of the vehicle. The driver is also responsible to make sure the license plates are free of any obstruction. This would include lenses or frames on a license plate.

​​What is the legal tint I can have on my vehicle windows?

Minnesota State Statute states that when any side or rear window is composed of or treated with any material so as to obstruct or substantially reduce the driver's clear view through the window or has a light transmittal of less than 50% plus or minus 3% in the visible light range or luminous​​ reflectance of more than 20% plus or minus 3% is illegal. Unless the driver has a prescription for medical needs and must be in the possession of the prescription, the rear windows of a pickup. or the rear windows of the side windows on wither side behind the driver's sear of a van, limousine or funeral vehicle may be tinted to more than 50%.

​​Can a driver use headphones or a DVD player while driving?

No. Minnesota Statute states that the driver of a vehicle cannot use headphones while driving and that no television screen be installed or used in a vehicle where it is visible to the driver while driving.

Can I use my snowmobile within City  limits?

​​​Yes, under certain conditions. Barnesville City Ordinance states it is unlawful to operate a snowmobile within the City of Barnesville or on private property without; permission of the land owner; a person may not operate a snowmobile within the City limits from the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.; ​ a person may  operate a snowmobile within City limits if the person is taking the most practic​al and direct route out of City limits; and if a person is operating a snowmobile within City limits, they may not exceed 15 mph. Exemptions: Police and other City Employees may use snowmobiles within City limits when vehicle travel is impractical while performing essential services. Also, Snowmobiles are not allowed in City Parks.
​​​What kind of driving conduct is illegal under Exhibition Driving?

​​No person shall , accelerate, de-​accelerate, or otherwise operate a motor vehicle with the City in a manner which causes unnecessary engine noise or backfire, squealing tires, skidding, sliding, swaying, throwing of sand or gravel, or in a manner simulating a race. Squealing or screeching sounds emitted by tires, or the throwing of sand or gravel by ties is prima facie evidence of a violation of this ordinance.

​​​​What makes up a complete stop at a stop sign?

​​​​​​The complete stop of forwar​d motion in the vehicle. This is demonstrated by when the vehi​cle ceases to move and the vehicle rocks backward.

​​​​Does a vehicle have to have mufflers?

​​Every vehicle on the road needs to have mufflers that quiet the vehicle to eliminate any noise greater than the engine would make.

What kind of lighting is legal on my vehicle?

​​​​All running vehicles should be equipped with headlights, running lights, blinkers, taillights and a rear license plate light. All of these must be in working order. 

The add-on lighting such as undercarriage lights, hubcap lights, black lights, strobes, redlights facing the front, blue lights, headlights that are any color other than white and all other lighting similar to that are illegal in the State of Minnesota.  To find out more about Minnesota State Statutes, click on this link:  ​​

​​Can I have an open fire in the city of Barnesville?

​​Fires set for recreational, ceremonial, food preparation or social purposes are permitted provided only wood, charcoal or coal is burned. Recreational fires need to be in an approved / enclosed out​door fireplace. All other burning in the City is prohibited except by special permit.

​​Can I shoot a B-B Gun in the City limits?

​​No. ​A B.B. Gun is considered a firearm. Other items that are restricted from being fired in town are: firecrackers, rockets or other fireworks, slingshots, blow guns, air guns, air rifles or similar devices or bow equipped with anything other than blunt target arrows. 

Can I drive my motorized golf cart on the streets of Barnesville?

Yes, you may, however, you must first contact the Chief of Police and apply for a permit in order in order to drive it in the streets of Barnesville.  There are certain regulations to follow in order to be legal and is generally reserved for those with a disability. ​​​​ 

In the summer, is the Blue Eagle swimming area open from morning until dark?

The swimming area is not open from morning until dark. Due to liability issues, the swimming area is only open while life guards are on duty.  The swimming area and all the parks in the City are also closed after 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.​​​​

What kind of fireworks are legal in Minnesota?

Some types of fireworks are in fact, now legal in Minnesota. These include: sparklers, smoke bombs, roman candles, etc. The fireworks that are illegal are considered to be anything that takes flight as a projectile and / or explodes. The illegal fireworks include: bottle rockets, firecrackers of any kind, jumpin' jacks, rockets, parachutes, etc. If you have any questions as to which fireworks are legal, please call the Police Department prior to use.

I received a Notice to Abate Nuisance letter in the mail regarding an old vehicle and some various items alongside my shed that need to be removed. What items can I lawfully store on my property?

The basic definition of a public nuisance is a thing, act, occupation, condition or use of property which shall continue for such length of time as to: (1) substantially annoy, injure or endanger the comfort, health, repose or safety of the public; or (2) In any way render the public insecure in life or in the use of property; or (3) greatly offend the public morals or decency; or (4) unlawfully and substantially interfere with, obstruct or tend to obstruct or render dangerous for passage any sidewalk, street, alley, highway, navigable body of water, or other public way.

When it is observed that a resident has nuisance issues or items on their property, a Notice to Abate letter will be sent requiring the resident to correct the nuisance within a determined deadline. If a deadline passes without correction of the nuisance, a citation may be issued

Common nuisance items for which notifications are sent: Refuse – defined as material resulting from the manufacture, preparation or serving of food products; spoiled, decayed or waste food; bottles, cans, glassware, paper products, rags, crockery, ashes, discarded clothing; tree, lawn or bush clippings and overgrown weeds; furniture, household furnishings or appliances and parts; human or household waste of all kinds.

Junk – defined as unregistered, unlicensed or inoperable, partially dismantled vehicles, bicycles, boats, outboard motors, trailers or parts; inoperable agricultural implements and parts, machines and mechanical equipment; used lumber, or waste resulting from building construction, renovation, remodeling or demolition; felled trees, tree branches, improperly stored firewood, etc.

The design of a public nuisance ordinance and the enforcement thereof, is to ensure proper maintenance toward a clean and safe community environment.

​​If you need more information regarding Public Nuisance Ordinances, you may call our Department (354-2281), City Hall (354-2292) or go online to

​​I want to burn leaves in my backyard but was told that’s not allowed. What can I burn?

By all means, enjoy your family barbecues and marshmallow toasting, but do be aware of, and take care to abide by, the following restrictions and city ordinances regarding open burning:

Section 6-0401. – OPEN BURNING AND AIR POLLUTION CONTROL does not allow for backyard burning using an open fire ring because it is not an authorized container. Obvious approved containers are those used solely for food preparation such as charcoal, gas grills or barbecue pits. Commercial or homemade outdoor fireplaces are allowed when equipped with enclosed mesh cover that helps control and contain fly-away sparks and burning debris. Apartment residents must also follow these guidelines and are additionally required to keep fire containers at least 15 feet away from the apartment structure.

Please remember that there is absolutely no allowance for the burning of grass, weeds, leaves and rubbish within city limits. If you are a resident outside of city limits but within the Barnesville Fire Department jurisdiction, you must also obtain a permit before performing an open burn and follow the necessary guidelines and weather conditions.

There is new procedures for burning permits. If you need an open burning permit, please call City Hall.

Recreational Fires, defined as the burning of material other than rubbish, where fuel being burned is not contained in an incinerator, outdoor fireplace or barbecue pit and with a total fuel area of 3 feet or less in a diameter and 2 feet in height. Recreational fires are permitted under the following conditions:

 a 50 foot clearance from any structure or combustible material is maintained
 buckets, shovels or garden hoses are readily available
 It is unlawful to allow campfires except in pits conforming to the specifics above located in designated camp grounds.


To view these and / or other City Ordinances, stop in at City Hall or go online to the City of Barnesville web page: